About Jennifer De Young

Providing you a selling and buying experience you deserve. 

I am a proud wife of an active military member, mother, and have always had a drive to help others. I love aiding clients in finding their dream home or moving on to the next great adventure.
I was raised as an Army child and then married an active duty member, with that, I have had a great amount of experience moving. I understand what it is like to live out of boxes from duty station to duty station. I am a master researcher, I like to have all pertinent information and factual relevance to proceed in any given project.

I have about twelve plus years in legal experience as a paralegal, with an undergraduate degree in legal studies. I also have been the parent advocate for parents with children with IEPs and 504 plans, assisting parents in acquiring the services needed for their children to have a successful educational experience.

I am very diligent and loyal to those who entrust me with their confidence.